Cookie Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Cookie Marketing Plan

Cady’s Cookies will offer the unique value proposition to its clientele:

  • Freshly made cookies that are never older than a day old.
  • Customizable cookies for any occasion.
  • Convenient location. Easy access to a highly-trafficked area of town.
  • Customizable gift boxes and gift sets available.
  • Free delivery within a 10-mile radius of the cookie shop.

Promotions Strategy

The promotions strategy for Cady’s Cookies are as follows:


Cady’s Cookies’ location is a prime spot for attracting the majority of residents in Topeka. The retail strip center is located in a highly-trafficked area of town where it will be surrounded by everyday shops, restaurants, salons, etc. This area of town is where most of the residents of Topeka go when needing any type of food or grocery service.

Social Media

Cady’s Cookies will use social media to advertise and reach the majority of residents of Topeka. Since it is the most cost effective option, Cady will use her marketing funds for Facebook and Instagram business ads and targeted marketing. She will frequently post pictures of her cookies, any specials she will be running, and specialty flavors for any upcoming holiday that she will feature. She will also post pictures of some of her gift boxes so that people can see that a box of cookies can make a great gift.

SEO Website Marketing

Cady’s Cookies plans to invest funds into maintaining a strong SEO presence on search engines like Google and Bing. When a person types in “local cookies” or “Topeka cookies”, Cady’s Cookies will appear in the top three choices. The website will include the full menu of cookie flavors, location, hours, and lots of pictures of delicious cookies.

Third Party Delivery Sites

Cady’s Cookies will maintain a presence on sites like GrubHub, Uber Eats, Doordash, and Postmates so that people looking for local food to be delivered will see Cady’s Cookies listed near the top.

Partnerships with Schools and Sports Teams

Cady will partner with the local schools and city league sports teams to offer her cookie shop as a fundraising option for the students and/or athletes. By students/athletes selling coupons to her shop as a fundraiser, she will reach the majority of the population and the cookie store will quickly become a local favorite.


The pricing of Cady’s Cookies will be moderate and on par with competitors so customers feel they receive value when purchasing their cookie items.