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Step 1: Interview

We will set-up a phone interview with you and any other key members of your team.

During the call, we will ask you questions about your business idea, vision, key accomplishments to date, key objectives and goals, and growth strategies.

Step 2: Market Research

In this phase, we will conduct all the industry, customer and competitor research you need in your business plan.

We will leverage the many research services to which we subscribe (which cost us thousands of dollars per year) to find and document market sizes, market trends, competitive profiles and customer demographic information that your business plan requires.

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Step 3: Draft Business Plan & Financial Projections

Next, we will draft your complete business plan and financial projections (including your income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement).

Your business plan will include each of the following sections:

  I. Executive Summary

  II. Company Overview

  III. Industry Analysis

  IV. Customer Analysis

  V. Competitive Analysis

  VI. Marketing Plan

  VII. Operations Plan

  VIII. Management Team

  IX. Financial Plan


Step 4: Review Call

After emailing your draft business plan to you and giving you time to review it, we will have a call with you to discuss any required modifications.

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Step 5: Revised Business Plan & Financial Projections

Per our “review call” discussion, we will make any modifications to your business plan and financial model and send your final business plan to you.

Our Team

Dave Lavinsky

Jay Turo

These are just 2 members of our business plan team which has written thousands of successful business plans.

We will match you with the perfect member of our team based on your business type and stage.

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We complete the first draft of most business plans within just 7 days.

Since all of our correspondence is conducted over the phone and via email,  it doesn’t matter where you are located- our business plan preparation services are available for any business throughout the world. We have worked with companies throughout the world.

Our entire business is based on confidentiality. We will never share the details of your business plan with anyone other than you.

In writing over 4,000 business plans, we have developed plans for every conceivable industry and type of business.

Each member of the PlanBuildr business plan writing team have gone through our comprehensive training program and has completed an average of 100 business plans. While you will have one assigned project manager, other members of our team will lend a hand as needed to ensure a great business plan is prepared for you.

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PlanBuildr offers a low price and high value for our business plan writing services since we are committed to helping entrepreneurs and business owners succeed.


Since when they do, entrepreneurs and business owners create jobs, offer customers better products and services, realize personal satisfaction and wealth, and fund programs that make the world a better place!

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