Cookie Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Cookie Management Team

Cady’s Cookies will be solely owned and operated by Cady Calhoun.

Cady Calhoun, Owner & Lead Baker

Cady Calhoun is a Topeka, Kansas native and former restaurant manager. She has been in the restaurant and food service industry for over fifteen years, having worked in establishments ranging from fast food to fine dining. Cady loves the customer service aspect of the food service industry and loves to talk and get to know her frequent clients and return customers.

Cady grew up baking alongside her mother and grandmother and learned their techniques and recipes that have been loved for generations. Even while working full-time, Cady always baked in her spare time as that is what brought her the most peace and comfort.

When Cady was laid off from her restaurant management job and bored at home. She began baking cookies and leaving them at the front door step of her friends and families homes as a way of sending a socially distanced care package. She received so much acclaim and gratitude that she began receiving dozens of requests for people to purchase some of her homemade cookies. She created a Facebook and Instagram page so that customers could place their orders through those platforms. Word of her amazing cookies spread so quickly that she began baking cookies at home, selling them online, and delivering them around town to her customers. Within months her income surpassed what she was bringing home as a restaurant manager and Cady decided that baking cookies is what she wants to do with her life. Through her cookies, Cady brings a sense of joy and happiness to people and that is what drives her daily.

Cady will bake and manage the cookie shop daily. She will be in charge of training her other bakers her recipes so they can alternate making the wide assortment of cookies that will be baked and served fresh daily. She will also manage inventory, product ordering, bookkeeping, and social media advertising. She will also dedicate time every day to provide customer service to make sure that each one of her customers is completely satisfied with their order.