Record Label Business Plan Template

Management Team

Broadbase Records will be jointly owned by Marty Cole and Sasha Gray.

Marty Cole is a former Capitol Music executive with over 15 years of experience. He helped find, produce, and book dozens of music artists and bands that have amassed huge success due to his diligence and industry knowledge. Marty has a strong reputation in the industry as he has always been known to put his clients first without sacrificing their happiness for record label profit. Many artists respect and recommend Marty to other emerging talent due to his impressive resume and respect for the artist.

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Sasha Gray has worked at Virgin Records and Capitol Music over her 10 year career as a music industry executive. She has traveled all over the world and her client list encompasses not only the United States, but five other countries as well. Sasha is known for her creativity and diligence when working with her clients. She usually has creative solutions for marketing and promotions and is not afraid to step outside the box when representing a client. Sasha’s reputation has garnered her a long list of successful clients and she is known as the record label executive that is willing to do anything to ensure the happiness and success of her clients.

Marty and Sasha will be in charge of scouting talent and working one-one-one with music venues, concert promoters, and music distribution channels. While Marty and Sasha will be operating the business at the higher level, they will also employ a CFO to handle all financial, tax, and licensing obligations of running a profitable record label. A CMO will also be hired to manage and promote not only each signed talent, but the marketing of Broadbase Records as well.