Coffee Shop Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Coffee Shop Competitive Analysis

Direct and Indirect Competitors


Starbucks is one of the most successful franchises in the world. Their scalability, franchise support, and multiple locations are benefits to a coffee lover. All of their locations offer a drive-thru and multiple employees who are able to offer expedient and friendly customer service. Their menu offers seasonal beverages, an assortment of teas, breakfast and lunch/dinner items. Part of Starbucks success is that they offer a phone app where customers can order items and it will be ready by the time they arrive, and they can earn rewards through multiple uses of the app.

Honey Bee Coffee and Tea Shop

Honey Bee is another local Austin coffee shop that is also located in the university neighborhood. The menu is relatively the same, and they also offer a wide variety of teas and tea products. It has become a favorite for local artists and musicians as the owner allows local talent to showcase their art there and local musicians are able to play during business hours with a simple reservation.

Seventh Flag Coffee Shop

Seventh Flag is another local Austin favorite as it is located on Seventh Street where it is known to cater to the university crowd. Seventh Flag has recently started serving craft beer in order to keep the coffee shop full at all hours. They also are open until 2:00 am and have live music and dj’s on the weekends. While serving coffee may not be their priority, Seventh Flag has become a staple for Austin residents and tourists.

Competitive Advantage

Java Bros Coffee Shop offers several advantages over its competition. Those advantages are:

  • Exceptional customer service and focus: The owners of Java Bros pride themselves to being on location everyday and getting to know the majority of their clientele. They believe when customers receive this type of individualized focus, the customers come back.
  • Fresh, local coffee: Java Bros commits to only serving coffee roasted locally in Texas. The freshness and authentic taste help make the coffee offered exceptional and superior to the competition.
  • Tech Friendly locations: Free internet, multiple outlets for laptops and tablets, and a digitalized menu and ordering system are benefits that their target clientele gravitate towards.