Farm Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Farm Management Team

Veggie Good Vegetable Farm will be owned and operated by Joe and Amanda Dunn, a local Vermont couple who have made it their lifelong goal of eventually owning and operating a vegetable farm. They have spent the last fifteen years studying farming practices and responsible farming practices. They have attended workshops and seminars of the latest technology advancements available in farming equipment and practices and have received certifications of how to operate the equipment.

Joe Green received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Vermont in farm business management. After graduation, he found employment at a local dairy farm and has apprenticed under the owners and managers of the farm. Joe has spent the last fifteen years studying the operations of a farm. Because Joe is widely respected at the dairy farm, the owners are wanting to partner with Veggie Good and offer some of the vegetable products to their frequent customers.

Amanda Green received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Vermont in Accounting and has spent the last ten years working as an accountant at a local CPA firm. Amanda is well versed in tax accounting, accounts payable, and profit and loss statements. She is the perfect complement to Joe, as she will handle all administrative, accounting, and marketing duties. Amanda has researched extensively how to manage a farm and make it profitable. She, along with Joe, are ready to embark on their own vegetable farm.