Cleaning Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Cleaning Industry Analysis

Revenue for the cleaning industry is expected to grow over the next five years to over $75 billion. This growth is due partially by the increase in demand from businesses across all sectors. Businesses are expected to continue outsourcing cleaning activities to janitorial and cleaning service specialists. In particular, education, healthcare and medical-related industries, which outsource the majority of their cleaning requirements, will likely provide sustained demand for industry services.

An aging US population and greater demand for healthcare services will also likely bolster demand for cleaning services at medical and surgical hospitals, urgent care clinics and retirement facilities.

The industry will also benefit from a rise in key drivers including:

  • Per capita disposable income- as more consumers attain high incomes, more will likely demand residential cleaning services.
  • The number of businesses in the United States- an increase in the number of businesses will increase the potential client base for industry services.
  • Corporate profit- as favorable economic conditions are anticipated to help sustain business growth, incomes and corporate profit, demand for industry services are expected to rise.