Cleaning Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Cleaning Management Team

QPS will be solely owned and operated by Luis Mendez with the help of a management staff.

Luis Mendez, Owner

Luis Mendez is a native of Phoenix, Arizona and has made his career as a Property Manager for multiple office and industrial buildings and has worked with numerous cleaning companies in his tenure. Frustrated by the lack of professionalism and quality, Luis decided to venture out on his own, taking with him all the lessons he learned by dealing with cleaning companies as a client. Luis began recruiting and hiring a talented and reliable staff and through his property management connections, has a portfolio of clients that are ready to contract with QP Cleaning Services.

Sylvia Smith, Accounting Manager

Sylvia Smith has over 20 years as an accounting and bookkeeping executive for numerous businesses throughout Phoenix. Sylvia’s diligent and meticulous method has proved very successful as she is able to manage all levels of accounting, tax filings, and accounts payable for small to medium sized companies. Sylvia will be a great asset for Luis as her management of various business-necessary items will ensure the success of QP Cleaning Services.


Liz Cane, Human Resources Manager

Liz Cane is a recent graduate from the Arizona State University Business School and has worked for a large property management firm in Phoenix. Liz also carries the designation of PHR (Professional Human Resource) and is a member of the Human Resource Society of Phoenix. Liz’s breadth of human resource knowledge and Arizona employment and labor laws make her a vital member to the management team. Ms. Cane will manage and administer the employee benefits program that provides health insurance and paid sick and vacation time to the entire staff of QPS.


Tony Aguirre, Training Manager

Tony Aguirre was recruited to QP after working for many years at Phoenix Cleaning Solutions. There he was a senior janitorial employee where he learned many techniques and quality standards but was unable to implement them due to management’s rules and time limits. It was during his time servicing one of the office buildings that Luis Mendez managed that the two met and struck up a friendship. Luis noticed the hard work and dedication of Tony, and also noticed he was frustrated by his current employer. By hiring Tony and entrusting the training program to him, QP Cleaning Services will benefit from his perfectionist standard while maintaining a friendly attitude.