Catering Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Catering Executive Summary

Business Overview

Fine Foods Catering is a newly established company that will provide catering services for a variety of events and clients in the Seattle, Washington area. Fine Foods Catering will provide catering for all types of corporate and social events, non-profit fundraiser events, business meetings, luncheons, and weddings. Our services will include menu creation designed for every clients’ tastes and requirements, bar services, food preparation, delivery, service, and cleanup. Fine Foods Catering is a full-service catering company who will deliver exceptional service at an unbeatable cost. Clients will receive ultimate value when choosing Fine Foods Catering for their next event.

Fine Foods Catering will be owned and managed by local Chef Dominic Gardea. Chef Dominic has over 20 years of culinary and hospitality experience and is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy. After apprenticing under some of the most world-renowned chefs in Paris, Dominic made his way back to Seattle and led the kitchen and catering departments of a large hospitality company as an Executive Chef. Chef Dominic’s attention to detail, creativity, and passion make him a popular and often-referred Chef for local catering events of all types and sizes.

Product Offering

The following are the list of services that Fine Foods Catering will offer:

  • Corporate & social event catering
  • Bar catering
  • Corporate catering for meetings and luncheons

Customer Focus

Fine Foods Catering’starget customers are businesses of all sizes, government entities, local non-profits, and individuals in search of catering services for their wedding, birthday, reunion, etc. Businesses are the main client of a catering company as they require catering services that range from small meetings and luncheons to large corporate gatherings, galas, and holiday parties.

Management Team

Fine Foods Catering will be led by Owner and Head Chef Dominic Gardea. Chef Dominic will manage client communication, pricing, menu creation, staffing, marketing, inventory, and personnel. Chef Daniel has recruited an employee that has worked under him at the hospitality company for the past seven years, Matthew Knowles. Matthew is a certified Sommelier and Lead Bartender. Matthew is exceptionally skilled at mixing fresh and exotic cocktails and cultivating an elegant wine menu that includes selections to satisfy all wine palates. Matthew will be in charge of leading the bar program for Fine Foods Catering.

Success Factors

Fine Foods Catering will be able to offer the following advantages over the competition:

  • Professional and friendly catering service at affordable pricing.
  • Owner who will meet one-on-one with each client to have them taste sample menu items and be able to create a unique menu based on their event.
  • Uniquely tailored bar program. Find Foods Catering will employ a certified sommelier who also has bar experience that can recommend and provide wine options upon request. He is also able to create professionally crafted cocktails for every type of event.
  • A training program for each employee to ensure they are fully qualified and capable to deliver the highest standard of customer service while paying attention to detail.

Financial Highlights

Fine Foods Catering is seeking $136,500 in debt financing to open the catering business. The funding will be dedicated to secure the commercial kitchen lease, professional insurance for bonding, working capital to cover supplies and personnel, marketing costs, van, inventory, and supplies. The breakout of the funding is below:

  • Commercial kitchen lease (3 months): $4,500
  • Kitchen Equipment, Supplies, and Inventory: $50,000
  • Utility van with Fine Foods Catering logo: $50,000
  • Bonding Insurance: $10,000
  • Working capital (3 months to cover hourly wages of staff, food, and supplies): $12,000
  • Marketing (includes print ads and website design): $10,000

The following graph below outlines the pro forma financial projections for Fine Foods Catering.

pro forma financial projections for Fine Foods Catering