Recording Studio Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Recording Studio Management Team

Benji’s Beats Recording Studio will be solely owned and operated by Benjamin Dominguez.

Benjamin is a certified Sound Engineer who was raised in Atlanta but musically educated at UC Berkeley. Benjamin has many years working and consulting with some of the largest recording studios in the United States and has helped many well-known musicians get a recording deal and achieve success. To date, Benjamin has worked one-on-one with three Grammy award-winning musicians. Benjamin’s lifelong passion has been music and his dream was always to own and manage a recording studio of his own. Benjamin has gained a positive reputation around the country as a talented sound engineer and his name alone will attract many potential clients.

At the studio, Benjamin will be in charge of client intake and retention, customer service, pricing for services, equipment maintenance, and networking. As an avid social media user, Benjamin will also manage all of the recording studio’s social media accounts. Benjamin will employ two to three sound engineers to apprentice under him and assist with sound production services. He will also employ a receptionist/administrative assistant to manage client needs, client files, and various administrative tasks. Lastly, Benjamin will employ an accountant to manage the books, accounts receivable and payable, cash flow, budgeting, tax obligations, and permitting/licensing.