Recording Studio Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Recording Studio Company Overview

Who is Benji’s Beats Recording Studio?

Benji’s Beats Recording Studio is a startup recording studio based in Atlanta, Georgia that offers professional and affordable quality sound recording services. Through their unique pricing model, Benji’s Beats Recording Studio will be able to provide affordable pricing packages and can tailor a package to meet the needs of each individual client. Amateur musicians, musicians who already have labels, or musicians looking to expand can consult with Benji’s Beats Recording Studio for any and/or all their music recording needs.  Benji’s Beats Recording Studio will also target small businesses that require commercial production services and small-time movie producers who may need a soundtrack for their film. The recording studio will also be able to provide audiobook production services for local authors who would like to produce an ebook.

Benji’s Beats Recording Studio History

Benji’s Beats Recording Studio is wholly owned and operated by Benjamin Dominguez, a certified Sound Engineer who was raised in Atlanta but musically educated at UC Berkeley. Benjamin has many years working and consulting with some of the largest recording studios in the United States and has helped many well-known musicians get a recording deal and achieve success. To date, Benjamin has worked one-on-one with three Grammy award-winning musicians.

Through his extensive research, Benjamin found that there are not enough recording studios to meet demand in his hometown of Atlanta. More importantly, there are not enough affordable recording studios in Atlanta. Benjamin learned that there are real talented individuals who should have a chance at success but they are continuously held back because as amateurs, they can’t afford to purchase any recording studio time. It’s an endless cycle as most of these talented individuals keep working in order to save up but life gets in the way and they eventually get tired of trying to keep up with life’s demands and save for a dream. Time after time, these talented musicians end up quitting on their dream. Benjamin’s mission is to stop the cycle and allow talented musicians the chance at a music career.

Since incorporation, Benji’s Beats Recording Studio has achieved the following milestones:

  • Found recording space for lease that is located in midtown Atlanta.
  • Registered Benji’s Beats Recording Studio, LLC to do business in the State of Georgia.
  • Began recruiting a team of sound engineers and financial experts to help make the business a success.
  • Began the branding image, logo, website, and social media accounts for the recording studio.

Benji’s Beats Recording Studio Services

The following will be the services Benji’s Beats Recording Studio will provide:

  • Music recording
  • Sound recording
  • Sound production
  • Album production
  • Commercial production
  • Movie soundtrack production
  • Audiobook production