Nonprofit Business Plan Template

Marketing Plan

Brand & Value Proposition

Helping Youths Thrive Non Profit will offer the unique value proposition to its families:

  • Largest comfortable and safe facility for youths to congregate whenever they want.
  • Plenty of counselors/social workers on site.
  • All youths will have access to plenty of healthy food.
  • Management team will intervene with local authorities and agencies if necessary.
  • Will partner with the local public schools to ensure every student succeeds in and out of the classroom.

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Promotions Strategy

The promotions strategy for Helping Youths Thrive Non Profit is as follows:

Social Media

Helping Youths Thrive Non Profit will invest in advertising the awareness of the non profit on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. By using targeted social media marketing, Helping Youths Thrive Non Profit will be able to reach the appropriate donor audience of Chicago. The social media accounts will post pictures of the youths (with parents consent) of them utilizing the many services Helping Youth Thrive will provide.

Industry Events & Networking

Helping Youths Thrive Non Profit will hold an annual charity gala in order to raise a majority of funds required for maintaining the non profit. Tables and seats will be sold, there will be an auction, and donors will be able to win premium gifts that will be donated by local businesses. The majority of attendees will be wealthy individuals, families, or local companies who frequently donate to charitable causes.

Partnering with Schools

Helping Youths Thrive Non Profit will partner with the local public schools whose students live in a 10-mile radius of the facility. They will post posters, flyers, and ask that the school administration announce to the students of the brand new facility where the students will be able to hang out before and after school, evenings, and on weekends.