Nonprofit Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Nonprofit Management Team

Helping Youths Thrive Non Profit will be a 501c3 non profit entity that will be operated by Tonya Jordan.

Tonya Jordan has dedicated her entire life to helping the less fortunate communities of Chicago find better opportunities in order to thrive and stop the cycle of poverty and violence. Tonya was the former Director at the local YWCA Transitional Living program and has worked in administrative capacities at various other nonprofits in Chicago. Tonya understands what is required of running a nonprofit organization and is fully dedicated to providing the youth of south Chicago a safe and comfortable place to go.

Tonya will hire a Director of Fundraising who will be in charge of sourcing, fundraising, and receiving monetary donations from companies and wealthy donors.

Tonya will also hire an Accountant to monitor all monetary donations, facilitate all 501c3 requirements, and be in charge of all payables and payroll of the staff.

There will be one social worker supervisor, security supervisor, and custodial supervisor to oversee their respective departments and teams.