Nonprofit Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Nonprofit Competitive Analysis

Direct and Indirect Competitors

Helping Youths Thrive Non Profit will face competition from other non profits with similar business profiles. A description of each competitor non profit is below.

YWCA South Suburban Center

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago utilizes a strengths-based, empowerment, and client-centered approach in providing psychotherapy. Counselors involve their clients in every stage of the therapeutic process. The goals for counseling are set collaboratively and counselors seek ongoing feedback from clients to ensure services are meeting their needs. Counseling is available to children, adolescents, and adults and includes individual, family, and couple counseling. Groups and client workshops are also offered and are available in English and Spanish. The YWCA counselors are available to assist clients in addressing a variety of issue areas and concerns including parenting, relationships, life transitions, depression, anxiety, PTSD, overwhelm, sex and intimacy, and family dynamics. The counseling services may be billed to the clients’ insurance or they are able to use their Flexible Healthcare Spending Account. Service fees are $150 for an initial assessment and $120 for ongoing individual, couple, and family counseling. Group counseling sessions are $25 per session.

Bright Promises Foundation

Bright Promises Foundation is one of the oldest 501c3 public charities in Illinois solely dedicated to funding innovative programs that address emerging issues for at-risk children. They create opportunities for Illinois children to reach their full promise and potential. With the help of leading experts, they work with organizations to develop and deliver programs that provide the basis for positive lives and brighter futures. They determine the most critical needs of children that are currently under-recognized and underfunded in Illinois. Through innovative grantmaking and capacity-building program support, they help to make immediate and long-lasting improvements to the lives of disadvantaged children and families.

The Bright Promises Foundation supports programs that are results-driven, sustainable, and demonstrably improve the lives of children. They work with individuals, foundations, agencies, community leaders, parents, caregivers, and experts to develop and deliver programs that provide children with the basis for positive lives and brighter futures. Bright Promises Foundation’s programs include Focused Funding, EQUIP, and Special Initiatives.

Chicago Youth Centers

Chicago Youth Centers’ mission is to invest in youth in under-served communities to help them discover and realize their full potential. They have been in existence for 65 years and are a trusted partner in Chicago’s most divested neighborhoods, ensuring that kids have a safe place they can go to explore, to discover, to process, and ultimately to envision a bright future that they can create for themselves. Chicago Youth Centers is a network of neighborhood and school-based centers and the 11th largest provider of Head Start programs across the city. Youths ages 15 months to 18 years find joy in learning, grow socially and emotionally, and build skills for the jobs of tomorrow in their early learning classrooms, afterschool programs, and summer day camps. Together, with families, schools, supports, and a network of extracurricular program partners, CYC boldly envisions a Chicago where every child has the resources, experiences, and mentors they need to pursue lives of endless possibility.

Competitive Advantage

Helping Youths Thrive Non Profit will be able to offer the following advantages over their competition:

  • It will be the largest facility with more available hours for youths to hang out. It will be available before school, after school, weekends, and evenings.
  • It will provide a team of counselors/social workers to provide free counseling for children that require it or request it.
  • All youths in attendance will have access to healthy snacks and meals.
  • The management team will work with proper authorities and/or child services to intervene in a familial situation if necessary.
  • Helping Youths Thrive Non Profit will partner with the local public schools to act as a partner in education in order for every single student to thrive.