Nonprofit Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Nonprofit Customer Analysis

Demographic Profile of Target Market

Helping Youths Thrive Non Profit will target all youths attending the nearby public schools in the southern area of Chicago. The children will all be school age, from the ages of 4 – 17.

The precise demographics for Chicago, Illinois are:

    Total population2,693,9592,693,959
        Under 5 years162,7976.00%
        5 to 9 years146,1825.40%
        10 to 14 years157,2025.80%
        15 to 19 years153,0675.70%
        20 to 24 years184,0936.80%
        25 to 34 years533,70719.80%
        35 to 44 years390,59414.50%
        45 to 54 years313,98011.70%
        55 to 59 years144,9735.40%
        60 to 64 years144,7355.40%
        65 to 74 years207,4457.70%
        75 to 84 years107,9254.00%
        85 years and over47,2591.80%

Customer Segmentation

Helping Youths Thrive Non Profit will primarily target the following youth profiles:

  • School-age children between the ages of 4 – 17.
  • Youth with no access to reliable internet at home.
  • Families whose parents are unable to afford reliable and safe childcare.
  • Latch key kids whose parents are not off of work in time to pick them up from school.
  • Youths that need free counseling.