Mobile App Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Mobile App Business Operations Plan

The following will be the operations plan for Fit Strong Mobile App.

Operation Functions:

  • Lisa Kramer will be in charge of developing all of the content that will be published on the mobile app. She will develop all workouts, nutrition guides, and wellness tips.
  • Lisa will hire a mobile app developing company that specializes in mobile app development. They will be in charge of filming the workouts, photographing the meals, and developing the content that will be available on all mobile devices.
  • Lisa will also hire an advertising agency that will be tasked with producing the commercial as well as the social media accounts and targeted advertising.
  • Customer service rep that will respond to all issues and problems on the app store and any requests that come through the email address listed on the app.
  • CPA that will handle all revenues and cash forecasting, vendor payments, payroll, as well as any tax payments and obligations.


Fit Strong Mobile App will have the following milestones completed in the next six months.

7/1/202X – Finalize contract for mobile app developer.

7/15/202X – Begin creating workout and nutrition guide content.

8/1/202X – Finalize contract for advertising agency.

8/15/202X – Begin filming workouts for mobile app developers.

8/30/202X – Photo shoot of Lisa Kramer and food items.

9/1/202X – Soft launch of mobile app.

9/5/202X – Begin social media and commercial advertising campaign.

10/1/202X – Official launch of Fit Strong Mobile App.