Mobile App Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Mobile App Business Company Overview

Who is Fit Strong Mobile App?

Fit Strong Mobile App is a startup mobile app that features a variety of workouts, wellness tips, and nutrition guides to help someone achieve their weight loss goals and incorporate a healthier lifestyle. The mobile app will feature HIIT, yoga, pilates, strength, cardio, and bodyweight workouts designed for all fitness levels. Designed by celebrity trainer and Instagram fitness celebrity, Lisa Kramer, the app will be ideal for anyone looking for effective and consistent fitness workouts with realistic nutritional guidance to help them achieve their personal goals. The user will select their fitness level when they sign up and only the workouts that are appropriate for their fitness level will be displayed. In addition, there will be nutrition recommendations based on their weight loss goals. Fit Strong will also include wellness tips to help with stress management and sleep quality.

The mobile app will be free to sign up and offer a paid monthly subscription fee for those who would like more content added to their profile. Fit Strong will be available across all mobile platforms including all Apple and Android devices, tablets, laptops, and chromebooks.

Fit Strong Mobile App History

Fit Strong Mobile App is owned by Lisa Kramer, a certified nutritionist and personal trainer. Lisa has made a name for herself in her hometown of Los Angeles as she has trained and transformed hundreds of clients, as well as a handful of celebrities. Lisa is a highly referred personal trainer in Los Angeles due to her diligent and effective workout techniques as well as her easy to follow nutrition guidelines. Aside from her day job of training clients, Lisa is now an Instagram celebrity as she has amassed over 500k followers. Lisa posts daily workouts and diet advice. Because of her success and notoriety, Lisa has decided to develop a fitness, nutritional, and wellness mobile app to allow users from all over the world to access her fitness and nutritional advice at their fingertips. By having a mobile app, Lisa is now able to be a personal trainer for millions of users all over the world.

Since incorporation, Fit Strong Mobile App has achieved the following milestones:

  • Found a professional mobile app developer to create and develop the Fit Strong Mobile App.
  • Registered Fit Strong Mobile App, LLC to do business in the State of California.
  • Began creating fitness workouts of all types and levels for publication in the mobile app.
  • Began creating nutritional guidelines of all types and levels for publication in the mobile app.
  • Began the branding image, logo, website, and social media accounts for the mobile app.

Fit Strong Mobile App Services

The following will be the services Fit Strong Mobile App will provide:

  • HIIT workouts
  • Body weight workouts
  • Strength & conditioning workouts
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Wellness tips