Mobile App Business Plan Template

Customer Analysis

Demographic Profile of Target Market

Fit Strong Mobile App will target all individuals ages 16 – 75 looking for diet and workout tips and guidance. It will also target those craving a healthier lifestyle. As this is a mobile device, it will be available to individuals across the country and internationally. Since it will be developed in English, most users will be located in the United States.

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The precise demographics for the United States are:

 TotalPercentMale PercentFemale Percent
Total population327,167,439(X)(X)(X)
Under 5 years19,646,3156.00%6.20%5.80%
5 to 9 years19,805,9006.10%6.30%5.80%
10 to 14 years21,392,9226.50%6.80%6.30%
15 to 19 years21,445,4936.60%6.80%6.30%
20 to 24 years21,717,9626.60%6.90%6.40%
25 to 29 years23,320,7027.10%7.40%6.90%
30 to 34 years22,023,9726.70%6.90%6.60%
35 to 39 years21,571,3026.60%6.70%6.50%
40 to 44 years19,927,1516.10%6.10%6.00%
45 to 49 years20,733,4406.30%6.40%6.30%
50 to 54 years20,871,8046.40%6.40%6.40%
55 to 59 years21,624,5416.60%6.50%6.70%
60 to 64 years20,662,8216.30%6.10%6.50%
65 to 69 years17,107,2885.20%5.00%5.50%
70 to 74 years13,464,0254.10%3.90%4.40%
75 to 79 years9,378,5122.90%2.60%3.10%
80 to 84 years6,169,4411.90%1.60%2.20%
85 years and over6,303,8481.90%1.40%2.50%

Customer Segmentation

Fit Strong Mobile App will primarily target the following customer profiles:

  • Males and females ages 16 – 75
  • Individuals wanting to lose weight and incorporate a healthier diet
  • Individuals who require more guidance with their workouts and fitness plan