Juice Bar Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Juice Bar Management Team

Nectar Gods Juice Bar will be solely owned and operated by Sandy Moore.

Sandy Moore, Owner

Nectar Gods Juice Bar is owned by St. George native Sandy Moore, a registered dietician and nutritionist. Sandy has spent much of her life studying easy and affordable options to help someone consume the necessary recommended vitamins and minerals and juicing was a common form of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Sandy has developed a full menu that offers many options of juice flavors with each one carrying an array of benefits. Sandy hopes to educate the population of St. George on the health and wellness benefits of juicing through her blog and by holding monthly wellness education classes at the juice bar.

Sandy Moore will own and operate the bar. She will develop the juice, cleansing, and acai bowl menus as well as hire and train all staff. Sandy will be in charge of fruit and vegetable inventory, menu offerings, and be in charge of marketing on social media. She will work in conjunction with the marketing company as well as local accounting firm to ensure compliance with tax regulations, permitting, and budgeting/forecasting for cash flow purposes.