Fast Food Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Fast Food Business Operations Plan

The operations plan for Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries is as follows:

Operation Functions:

  • Chef Jay Brusco is the chef and manager in charge that will develop the menu, source the ingredients and bake the buns daily. Chef Jay will also oversee a team of 2-3 cooks that will be working in the kitchen. He will also be in charge of inventory, weekly food and drink ordering, and ensuring customer satisfaction with the quality of the food.
  • Ray Coleman is the other on-site manager that will oversee all administrative and financial responsibilities for the restaurant. He will handle all necessary licensing and permitting, training of the cashiers, accounting, budgeting, forecasting, and tax payments. Ray, alongside Jay, will also work to ensure customer satisfaction with the quality of the service.
  • Two to three part-time cooks will alternate helping Chef Jay during the hours of operation.
  • Two to three part-time cashiers that will work the registers, drive-thru, and take turns cleaning the dining area and restrooms.
  • Jay and Ray will hire an advertising agency to develop the website, social media accounts, billboard design, and execute all of their marketing efforts.


Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries aims to open in the next 6 months. The following are the milestones needed in order to obtain this goal.

6/1/202X – Execute lease for prime location at busy intersection and finalize architectural design of fast food restaurant.

6/2/202X – Begin construction of fast food restaurant build-out.

6/10/202X – Finalize menu.

6/17/202X – Hire advertising company to begin developing marketing efforts.

7/15/202X – Start of marketing campaign with social media; billboard goes up.

8/2/202X – Final walk-thru of completed fast food restaurant build-out.

8/10/202X – Hire team of cooks and cashiers.

8/13/202X – Employee training begins.

8/20/202X – Grand Opening of Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries.