Fast Food Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Fast Food Business Management Team

Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries will be owned and operated by Chef Jay Brusco and Ray Coleman. Each will have a 50% ownership stake in the fast food restaurant.

Chef Jay Brusco, Co-Owner

Chef Jay Brusco is a LeCordon Bleu Culinary School graduate and has been working in fine dining establishments in St. Louis for the past ten years. Chef Jay has always wanted to own his own restaurant and after working in numerous fine dining restaurants, Jay decided that he ultimately wanted to pursue a simple, delicious, fast food restaurant. Jay likes to appeal to the masses and he knows that he will be able to reach a greater audience by serving the community as a whole instead of just the high-end portion of St. Louis. Jay has always received tons of acclaim for his burgers because he is able to consistently deliver juicy and delicious burgers at a fast pace.

Jay will manage the kitchen operations of Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries. He will train and oversee the cooks, manage inventory, place food and drink orders, deal with the local food vendors, and ensure the highest customer satisfaction with the food.

Ray Coleman, Co-Owner

Ray Coleman is the business brain behind the operation. Ray has made a career as a financial wealth manager and has worked in the corporate industry for over ten years. Ray is a graduate of the University of Missouri and earned his MBA in 2010. During his time attending business school, Ray took numerous entrepreneurial classes and has been studying how to start and run a successful start-up business. Since his best friend Jay is a professional chef and wants to start his own business, Ray began developing the business plan and operations for Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries.

Ray will oversee all administrative, accounting, and tax obligations for the business. He will train the cashiers on proper cash handling and customer service. Ray will also ensure that the highest level of customer service is being met daily and for every customer who walks in the door and goes through the drive-thru.

Jay and Ray each have a unique skill set that will make them an instant success in St. Louis. They are a perfect partnership and remain committed to serving freshly made delicious food to the community that they grew up in.