Fast Food Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Executive Summary

Business Overview

Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries is a new fast food start-up located in St. Louis, Missouri. The menu will include a variety of exceptionally large burgers that are freshly made using locally sourced meat and vegetables from local St. Louis establishments. There is also a wide variety of different types of french fries to accompany the delectable burgers. The fast food restaurant will be located in a busy intersection of a highly trafficked area of St. Louis. It will be surrounded by big box retail and grocery shopping, chain restaurants, and other businesses that are frequented by locals.

The design of Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries will be comfortable and convenient in order to attract all residents of St. Louis. The demographic will be residents of the community that come from all different backgrounds and income levels. It will be family-friendly, trendy, and offer a seating area that is able to accommodate multiple seating options. Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries will also include a drive-thru for those who elect to take their food and drinks to go.

Products Served

The following are the products to be offered by Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries:

  • Just a Plain Ol’ Big Burger
  • Avocado Big Burger
  • Veggie Big Burger
  • Double Bacon Big Burger
  • Green Chile Hot n’ Spicy Big Burger
  • Kiddos Big Burger
  • Traditional French Fries
  • Curly Fries
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Parmesan Herb Fries
  • Spicy Sriracha Fries
  • Assorted non-alcoholic beverages

Customer Focus

Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries will target all residents living in and around St. Louis. It will appeal to students, families, retirees, white collar, blue collar, and government employees. Because the food is moderately priced compared to other fast food establishments, all income levels will be able to enjoy the delicious offerings of Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries.

Management Team

Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries is owned and operated by best friends, Jay Brusco and Ray Coleman. Jay is the culinary component of the business, a local chef that has had a successful culinary career working at various fine dining restaurants. Ray is the business component as he has been successful as a wealth manager in St. Louis. The two friends have dreamed of opening up their own business for the past five years and have worked and studied strategy in order to ensure a thriving and sustainable fast food operation.

Jay will manage the kitchen operations of Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries. He will train and oversee the cooks, manage inventory, place food and drink orders, deal with the local food vendors, and ensure the highest customer satisfaction with the food.

Ray will oversee all administrative, accounting, and tax obligations for the business. He will train the cashiers on proper cash handling and customer service. Ray will also ensure that the highest level of customer service is being met daily and for every customer who walks in the door and goes through the drive-thru.

Success Factors

The following success factors will set Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries apart from the competition:

  • Fresh made to order burgers that are locally sourced from St. Louis meat and vegetable establishments.
  • The buns are baked on-site daily and are the softest and most flavorful bun in town.
  • Convenient location: Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries will be located in a highly-trafficked intersection that is easy to drive in and out of on any given day.
  • Customers get bang for their buck. The menu items will be typical of bistro-type dishes and sizes served at a fast food price.

Financial Highlights

Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries is seeking $165,000 in debt financing to open its start-up fast food restaurant. The funding will be dedicated for the build-out and design of the restaurant, kitchen, and drive-thru as well as  cooking supplies and equipment, working capital, three months worth of payroll expenses and opening inventory. The breakout of the funding is below:

  • Fast Food Restaurant Build-Out and Design – $80,000
  • Kitchen supplies and equipment – $40,000
  • Opening inventory – $5,000
  • Working capital (to include 3 months of overhead expenses) – $15,000
  • Marketing (advertising agency) – $25,000

The following graph outlines the pro forma financial projections for Jay & Ray’s Big Burgers & Fries: