Clothing Store Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Clothing Store Operations Plan

Lisa Jade Fine Clothing will have a relatively simple operations plan.

Operation Functions:

  • Lisa and Jade will primarily manage and operate the store themselves. They realize the commitment it will take to ramp up and stabilize their business and are willing to work the 6 days a week the boutique will be open.
  • 4 – 6 part time hourly employees to assist with stocking, inventory, merchandise display, and customer service.


Lisa and Jade will have the following milestones complete in the next six months.

  • 2/1/202X – Finalize lease agreement for storefront boutique location
  • 2/15/202X – Begin build out of leased space
  • 4/1/202X – Final walk through and approval of retail space
  • 4/15/202X – First shipment of inventory arrives
  • 4/16/202X – Stocking and display of merchandise in anticipation of the Grand Opening
  • 4/23/202X – Grand Opening of Lisa Jade Fine Clothing