Clothing Store Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Clothing Store Marketing Plan

Brand & Value Proposition

Lisa Jade Fine Clothing will offer the unique value proposition to its clientele:

  • Unique and modern designs only found at Lisa Jade Fine Clothing boutique.
  • Customer profile and individualized messaging and communication to its clients.
  • Trendy clothing offered at an affordable price to the young people of New Haven, CT.

Promotions Strategy

The promotions strategy for Lisa Jade Fine Clothing are as follows:

Social Media
Lisa and Jade have become social media experts throughout college and will manage their social media business accounts themselves. They have become adept at creating inviting posts and will post their merchandise regularly. They have also already encompassed an Instagram following of over 13,000 followers just by posting teasers and ‘Coming Soon’ posts.

Brand Ambassadors
Lisa Jade Fine Clothing will partner with young people in the area who have a social media following of more than 1,000. As brand ambassadors, Lisa and Jade will provide these young people a few items of merchandise to wear. They’ll then post themselves wearing these items and tag the Lisa and Jade Fine Clothing account so that they gain exposure through all of their followers. These young people get paid a small amount just by posting a few images of them wearing their clothing. While the brand ambassadors will be paid, they will not be part of the company payroll.

Lisa Jade Fine Clothing will be located in an upscale and trendy location in New Haven, Connecticut that garners a lot of retail traffic. The area is known as a popular hangout and shopping destination for consumers of all ages. Their small storefront location will be eye catching and will be positioned between other popular retail shops and the trendiest restaurants.


The pricing of Lisa Jade Fine Clothing will be moderate and on par with competitors so customers feel they receive value when purchasing their items.