Clothing Store Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Clothing Store Executive Summary

Business Overview

Lisa Jade Fine Clothing is a locally established trendy boutique clothing store located in New Haven, Connecticut.

The store is founded by Lisa Powell and Jade Steele, who are recent university graduates with a passion for fashion and all things modern and trendy. They have spent many years cultivating designs and sketches in their dorm room and are ready to branch out to make their dream a reality. They have researched and found a supplier warehouse who can source good quality material and can manufacture their designs at a reasonable cost.

Lisa Jade Fine Clothing will offer modern and trendy designs geared towards young professionals, college students, and middle and high school students. They will also carry a small assortment of children’s clothing for those young professionals who are fashion conscious with their children.

Product Offering

The following are the products to be offered by Lisa Jade Fine Clothing:

  • Young women’s clothing sizes 0 – 16
  • Young men’s clothing sizes Small – Adult XXLJunior ladies clothing petite sizes Small – XL
  • Junior boys clothing Youth Small – Youth XL
  • Boys clothing sizes 2T – Youth Small
  • Girls clothing sizes 2T – Youth Small
  • Small selection of local handmade jewelry
  • Purses
  • Wallets
  • Sunglasses
  • Socks and hosiery

Customer Focus

The company’s target customer is the fashion-conscious youth of New Haven who are searching for trendy and unique styles. We will target the stylish youth of New Haven to include middle and high school students, college students, and young professionals.

Management Team

Lisa Jade Fine Clothing is owned and primarily operated by Lisa Powell and Jane Steele. Their youth and focus allows them to make their business their sole and primary responsibility. They will be present at the store the six days it will be open and will make all management and financial decisions. They will also employ the help of 4 – 6 additional part-time hourly employees.

Success Factors

Lisa Jade Fine Clothing is primed for success by offering the following competitive advantages:

  • Uniquely tailored and modern designs geared towards the fashion-conscious youth.
  • A database that will store a customer profile created in the store so that the customers can receive personalized alerts and messages for when their favorite product becomes available in their size.
  • The pricing will be affordable yet on par with other competitors to ensure the highest quality and value for what each customer pays.

Financial Highlights

Lisa Jade Fine Clothing is seeking $150,000 in debt financing to open its boutique retail location in New Haven, Connecticut. The funding will be dedicated for leasehold improvements, design, working capital, and opening inventory. The breakout of the funding is below:

  • Store design/build: $50,000
  • Opening inventory: $75,000
  • Working capital: $25,000

The following graph below outlines the pro forma financial projections for Lisa Jade Fine Clothing. Clothing Line Financial Summary