Clothing Store Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Clothing Store Management Team

Lisa Jade Fine Clothing will be owned and operated by its founders, Lisa Powell and Jade Steele.

Senior Management

Best friends for over 20 years, Lisa and Jade have always had a passion for fashion and clothing design. When they shared a dorm room in college, Lisa and Jade began crafting their brand, image, and concept for their first clothing store they would be opening. They didn’t want to limit their concept to just young, trendy females. They felt they would be able to provide fashionable choices for young men, tweens, and children.

During their third year of college, Lisa and Jade began spending more time drawing up designs of their clothing concepts in their dorm room and took a sewing class to be able to learn how to actually make the drawings come to life. After graduation from the local university, the two best friends are now focused on putting their hard work and creativity into an actual boutique shop.

Aside from themselves, Lisa and Jade will employ the help of 4 – 6 additional part-time employees, and numerous brand ambassadors to assist with growing their brand.