Beauty Supply Store Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Beauty Supply Store Management Team

Tanya’s Beauty Supply Store will be solely owned and managed by Tanya Mendez.

Tanya obtained her cosmetology license in 2006 and has spent the last fifteen years working in Las Vegas’ hottest and trendiest salons. Tanya has done hair and makeup for hundreds of clients as well as a handful of celebrities. Her specialty is glamorous and dramatic makeup and hair colorings of all types. She is able to make the brightest colors look professional and classy.

While Tanya loves doing hair and makeup, her true passion lies in the products themselves. She does extensive research to ensure that no harmful chemicals are found in the product and that each product is developed and manufactured humanely. She loves testing out new products and offering her honest assessment of them. Tanya has been doing extensive research on managing and operating a beauty supply store and is ready to take the leap into opening up her own business.

Tanya will manage the day-to-day aspects of the beauty supply store, order product inventory, design the displays, hire and train the staff, and post on the business’ social media accounts. Tanya will also manage the partnerships and contracts she will have with the local salons. She will hire an assistant store manager to assist with administrative functions, product inventory, and manage the store when Tanya is unable to be there. To start with, Tanya will hire a staff of 6 – 8 part-time and full-time employees to assist with stocking of the merchandise and offer exceptional customer service. As the business grows and it is financially able to do so, Tanya’s Beauty Supply Store will hire more supervisors and employees in order to meet growing customer demand.