Beauty Supply Store Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Beauty Supply Store Company Overview


Who is Tanya’s Beauty Supply Store?

Tanya’s Beauty Supply Store is a newly established, independently owned beauty supply store located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tanya’s will be the go-to supply store for anything and everything beauty supply related. Located in the heart of the major retail intersection in Las Vegas, there are numerous shops, restaurants, and salons within walking distance. The famous Las Vegas strip is within ten minutes of Tanya’s Beauty Supply Store as well. Tanya’s customer base will consist of males and females from all walks of life that shop for hair products, makeup, skin products, and nail products. The salons in the area will also purchase their salon inventory from Tonya’s Beauty Supply Store.

Most beauty supply stores in the area are large national brands that sell name brand cosmetics and products at a greatly marked up price. They are also not able to fulfill large orders. Tanya found a need to fulfill a need as consumers are tired of paying expensive rates for marked up cosmetics. Salons also usually purchase their products from online distributors – many salons have expressed to Tanya that they would appreciate a local store where they can test the products in person before purchasing a bulk order. They would also appreciate a local salesperson they can deal face to face with. Tanya’s Beauty Supply Store will be able to sell beauty supplies at discount warehouse prices.


Tanya’s Beauty Supply Store History

Tanya’s Beauty Supply Store is solely owned and managed by Tanya Mendez, a former hairdresser turned business entrepreneur. Tanya will be the sole owner and manager of the store. Tanya’s background is in cosmetology and she has done hair and makeup for hundreds of clients for the past fifteen years. Over the years she has become more and more frustrated with the distributors who supply the salons she has worked at. They always provided overpriced subpar products and she was never able to use products she truly believed in. Tanya found that more and more salon owners and cosmetologists have the same problem and it was then that she wanted to emerge on a business opportunity. Tanya’s Beauty Supply Store will be able to provide good quality products at competitive prices for not just salon owners, but the community as a whole.

Since incorporation, Tanya’s Beauty Supply Store has achieved the following milestones:

  • Tanya has registered Tanya’s Beauty Supply Store, LLC to do business in the state of Nevada.
  • Toaa has been in contact with numerous beauty distributors for contracts to be able to provide their products at Tanya’s Beauty Supply Store.
  • Has a Letter of Intent in place for a 10,000 square foot retail storefront location at a prime location of Las Vegas.
  • Met with a graphic web designer to begin the logo and branding image for Tanya’s Beauty Supply Store.


Tanya’s Beauty Supply Store Products

Tanya’s Beauty Supply Store will sell the following products:

  • Hair color
  • Hair care
  • Hair tools and brushes
  • Nail products
  • Makeup and makeup accessories
  • Skin care products