Property Management Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Property Management Business Plan

You’ve come to the right place to create your property management company business plan.

We have helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs and business owners create business plans and many have used them to start or grow their property management companies.

Sample Property Management Business Plan

Below are links to an example of each section of your property management business plan template:

  1. Executive Summary – In the Executive Summary, you will provide a brief overview of your business plan including your target market, business model, business goals, and how you plan to make your business successful.
  2. Company Overview – The Company Overview section will provide a business overview, company history, legal business structure (Limited Liability Company, C Corporation, etc.), property management services, and any other specialized services offered.
  3. Industry Analysis – The Industry Analysis will include an overview of the property management market, key trends in the local real estate market, and issues expected in the residential and commercial property management industry.
  4. Customer Analysis – The Customer Analysis is where you will outline your target market. This includes information on demographics, psychographics, and behaviors of property owners who may be in need of property management services.
  5. Competitive Analysis– The Competitive Analysis includes an overview of your direct and indirect competitors, their market share, your competitive advantage, and how you plan to compete against them.
  6. Marketing Plan – The Marketing Plan will describe your marketing strategies, fee structure and pricing strategy, and promotional activities such as paid advertising, social media marketing, print advertising, and more.
  7. Operations Plan– This section describes your day-to-day operations including communication with property owners and potential clients, managing properties, rent collection, property inspections, tenant screening, and maintenance requests. This section should also include any property management software solutions or automated tools used in your own property management business.
  8. Management Team – The Management Team section will provide information on the members of your management team including property managers and their experience, education, and skills.
  9. Financial Plan – In the Financial Plan, you will provide the financial model and financial statements for your business. This includes your profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

Property Management Business Plan FAQs

A property management business plan is a plan to start and/or grow your property management business. Among other things, it outlines your business concept, identifies your target customers, presents your marketing plan and details your financial projections.

You can easily complete your property management business plan using our Property Management Business Plan Template here.

The main source of revenue for property management companies are management fees and maintenance markups. Revenue is also generated from commissions, lease-ups, and upcharges.

The key expenses are payroll and contractor fees, rent, supplies, and utilities.

Property management companies typically secure funding through small business loans, personal savings and credit card financing.

You can download our free property management business plan template PDF. This is a property management business plan template you can use in PDF format.