Ecommerce Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Ecommerce Customer Analysis

Demographic Profile of Target Market will target all fitness enthusiasts and trendsetters in the United States and internationally. The target market will be social media savvy and spend a large portion of their day browsing through their social media sites. The ideal customer will be young, either in high school or college, a working professional, or a gym rat who frequents the trendiest fitness gyms and establishments.

The precise demographics for this portion of the United States are:

TotalPercentMale PercentFemale Percent
Total population327,167,439(X)(X)(X)
Under 5 years19,646,3156.00%6.20%5.80%
5 to 9 years19,805,9006.10%6.30%5.80%
10 to 14 years21,392,9226.50%6.80%6.30%
15 to 19 years21,445,4936.60%6.80%6.30%
20 to 24 years21,717,9626.60%6.90%6.40%
25 to 29 years23,320,7027.10%7.40%6.90%
30 to 34 years22,023,9726.70%6.90%6.60%
35 to 39 years21,571,3026.60%6.70%6.50%
40 to 44 years19,927,1516.10%6.10%6.00%
45 to 49 years20,733,4406.30%6.40%6.30%
50 to 54 years20,871,8046.40%6.40%6.40%
55 to 59 years21,624,5416.60%6.50%6.70%
60 to 64 years20,662,8216.30%6.10%6.50%
65 to 69 years17,107,2885.20%5.00%5.50%
70 to 74 years13,464,0254.10%3.90%4.40%
75 to 79 years9,378,5122.90%2.60%3.10%
80 to 84 years6,169,4411.90%1.60%2.20%
85 years and over6,303,8481.90%1.40%2.50%

Customer Segmentation will primarily target the following customer profiles:

  • High school students
  • College students
  • Young working professionals
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • Trendsetters who focus on the fitness industry