Ecommerce Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Ecommerce Management Team

Devon Ming will be the Owner and CEO of

Devon Ming, Owner

Devon Ming is a native of San Jose, California and attended college in Cambridge, Massachusetts at Harvard University. After subsequently being accepted into Harvard’s prestigious business school and graduating, Devon spent the next three years developing the brand image, vision, and researching products for Devon wanted to utilize his Master’s degree in Business Strategy & Marketing, and has devoted all of his time and energy into launching his ecommerce store.

As CEO of, Devon will oversee the strategy and development of the company. He will be in constant communication with the dropshipper, creative team, and customer service representatives. He values the customer service representatives as much as the rest of the team because he wants to get involved on customer feedback and any issues they are having. He can then implement those issues and feedback to the creative team and adjust product design if necessary. He will also ensure complete customer satisfaction and make sure the dropshipper is aware of any customer issues with product packaging and delivery.

As becomes more and more popular, Devon will be prepared for growth and hire a CFO when necessary and when the company is able to afford to do so. When the company is primed for growth and its dominance in the market is made, Devon and future CFO will strategize on a plan to take the company public.