Daycare Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Operations Plan

The following will be the operations plan of Red Balloon Daycare.


Operation Functions:

  • Susan Smith will be the Owner and Director of the facility. She will develop all curriculums for each class, hire and schedule all teachers, and be the person communicating with all families. She will also lead all marketing efforts when visiting elementary schools and businesses.
  • 8 – 10 fully licensed and certified Early Education teachers. There will be two teachers allotted per classroom and two floating teachers to assist with early care, after care, lunchtime, playground time, and bathroom breaks.
  • Jim and Susan Smith will hire a third party accounting firm to handle all payroll, bookkeeping, tax payments, and permitting on behalf of the business.
  • Jim Smith will handle all technological issues with the live streaming and secure-access to the facility. He will be on call and on-site as needed.


Red Balloon Daycare will have the following milestones complete in the next six months.

4/1/202X – Finalize lease agreement for daycare facility

4/15/202X – Begin build out of classrooms, playground, etc.

5/1/202X – Begin visiting nearby elementary schools to advertise upcoming summer camp

5/12/202X – Begin recruitment and hiring of teacher staff

5/15/202X – Final walk-thru of daycare facility

6/1/202X – Grand Opening of Red Balloon Daycare