Consulting Firm Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Consulting Firm Marketing Plan

Brand & Value Proposition

Expert Business Consultants will offer the unique value proposition to its clientele:

  • Friendly, knowledgeable, and highly qualified team of business experts available to help guide or coach a person or business into the next step of emerging success.
  • Cost effective services that can be tailored to meet each business or business person’s needs.
  • One-on-one expert coaching and consulting. Expert Business Consultants will personally be there every step of the way.

Promotions Strategy

The promotions strategy for Expert Business Consultants is as follows:

Social Media

Expert Business Consultants will invest in advertising their business on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We will also place a significant focus on LinkedIn advertising as that is where most business people network. By using targeted social media marketing, Expert Business Consultants will be able to reach those individuals and/or businesses looking for expert start-up business advice.

SBA and Lender Partnership

Because most people approach the SBA when needing a start-up business loan, Expert Business Consultants will meet with the SBA and other banks that do start-up business loans to have them refer people to them if the SBA or bank thinks they need more guidance on the process and in implementing their new business.

Website/SEO Marketing

Expert Business Consultants will invest in a strong SEO presence so that when someone enters “start-up business consultant” or “expert business consultant” in their Google or Bing search bar, Expert Business Consultants is at the top of the list.


The pricing of Expert Business Consultants will be moderate and on par with competitors so customers feel they receive value when purchasing their services.