Consulting Firm Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Consulting Firm Competitive Analysis

Direct and Indirect Competitors

Expert Business Consultants will face competition from other companies with similar business profiles. A description of each competitor company is below.

New York Business Consultants

New York Business Consultants LLC empowers business owners, and cares about their development and making a difference. They can help match business owners with the right partner, investor, or distributor. They help companies grow, improve, and master change. New York Business Consultants works with a global network of consultants in the United States, Africa, Europe, and India. They provide management consulting, business development, market research, marketing and branding, website and design solutions, and professional training. Their team of experts helps a business develop a business plan and strategy, understand their customers, define their brand, and create powerful marketing solutions to improve their processes.  New York Business Consultants adhere to strict principles and values that enable them to be successful. They value professionalism and attitude, sustainability, customization, and mutual learning.


Pro Books NY

Pro Books NY offers coaching and consulting for small businesses in New York. They work with small businesses to evaluate how to increase profitability, see room for growth but uncertain if they can afford to bring on additional staff, ready for additional funding but need guidance on the next steps, and helping where a company senses its existing operations have lost momentum for growth. Pro Books NY helps business owners go beyond the bottom line by evaluating accountability, revenue, voice business concerns, and employing more capable employees. The services Pro Books NY can offer are project management, remote CFO services, reporting, forecasting, and cost management. Additional bookkeeping services include accounts receivable and accounts payable, payroll processing, financial statement and review, and sales tax returns. Their financial management services include cash flow management, burn rate analysis, monthly conversation, review of financial statements, and simple forecast modeling.

Mindstorm Strategic Consulting

Mindstorm Strategic Consulting is based in New York City and offers solutions for small and midsize companies with their business approach and help in building a team of motivated employees around them. Their  mission is to improve the quality of life by helping people and companies strategically achieve their goals. They’ve spent years studying the most successful companies in history and studied their blueprints to be able to create cutting-edge business models for their clients. Mindstorm Strategic Consulting offers solutions by providing coaching, consulting, and sales training. Their areas of focus are Strategy, Sales, Marketing, and Innovation. Mindstorm can work with a team to improve their sales strategy and thus increase the bottom line. They produce a sales process design, train the team, and then automate the prospecting process so that the team can spend more time selling.


Competitive Advantage

Expert Business Consultants will be able to offer the following advantages over their competition:

  • Friendly, knowledgeable, and highly qualified team of business experts that can provide a thoughtful and world-rounded approach to business strategy and implementation.
  • Cost effective services that can be tailored to meet each business or business person’s needs.
  • One-on-one expert coaching and consulting. Expert Business Consultants will personally be there every step of the way.