Grocery Store Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Grocery Store Competitive Analysis

Freshley’s Grocery Store will face competition from other grocery stores in the area. A profile of the competitor companies are below.

Direct and Indirect Competitors

Gateway Market

Gateway Market is known as Iowa’s GOOD FOOD store, by providing an abundant selection of the finest natural, organic, and specialty foods sourced both locally and from around the world. They offer a welcoming, customer-centered environment that encourages culinary exploration and honors the simple pleasures of the table.

Gateway Market sells meat and seafood, produce, wine and beer, cheese, bakery items, and pantry items. They also have a Gateway Market cafe that produces and sells freshly made breakfast, lunch, or dinner meals to go or enjoy in a comfortable seated area of the store. Other services Gateway Market offers are catering and locally-sourced flowers for home or wedding.

Gateway Market opened in 2007 by Paul Rottenberg and George Formaro. Paul is a former hospitality business executive and George is a Chef and baker passionate about food. Their mission was to create a food market truly unique to Des Moines. Their vision of Gateway Market is to share a passion for good food and exceptional service. The food choices are impressive, with locally grown fresh produce, freshly baked artisan bread and pastries, world-class grocery, a collection of the finest cheeses, unique wines and chef-crafted meals-to-go are their hallmarks.

Fareway Grocery

Fareway Grocery is a meat and grocery store located in Des Moines. They are known for their second-to-none meat markets, farm-fresh produce, and the highest level of customer service.They are located in six states in the United States region of the Midwest, with over 120 stores in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Fareway runs weekly ads and special sales events that are specific to each store location and provide options like online promotions and services.

Farway Grocery is built on family values and demonstrates integrity, fairness, and honesty in relationships with customers, employees, vendors, and suppliers. They are committed to the foundation of personalized service and quality food distribution by providing the highest quality and freshest produce available. Fareway is a family owned business and is a top 10 employer in Iowa.

C Fresh Market

C Fresh Market is hailed as the best independent grocery store in the state of Iowa. Located on University Avenue, C Fresh Market offers food from countries like Vietnam, Japan, Korea, China, Mexico, Africa, and other countries. They sell fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables, with an ethnic concentration. C Fresh Market is truly committed to providing food options not typically found in local stores and broadening the consumers choice of delicious food and produce. C Fresh Market was awarded the 2019 Best Independent Grocery Store in the State of Iowa by USA Today. They are open Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Competitive Advantage

Freshley’s Grocery Store will be able to offer the following advantages over their competition:

  • Freshley’s will carry the freshest and highest quality meat, produce, poultry and dairy in town as it will be locally sourced from Iowan farms.
  • Competitive pricing and membership rewards program.
  • Ultra-convenient location for all residents in and out of Des Moines.