Bookstore Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Bookstore Operations Plan

The operations plan for TY’s Bookstore is as follows.

Operation Functions:

  • Thomas Young will be the bookstore owner and General Manager. He will hire, train, and manage all staff as well as carry out administrative functions for the store.
  • Thomas will also be in charge of the bookstore events; author book signings and weekly book club meetings.
  • Thomas will hire one assistant manager to help with oversight and be responsible for the book club subscription service. He or she will manage the membership list and mail the books weekly or prepare them for in-store pickup.
  • 2-4 part time hourly employees to assist with inventory, product display, and customer service.
  • Thomas will hire a third party accounting firm to handle all bookkeeping, payroll, tax payments, and permitting.
  • Thomas will hire a web designer to develop and manage the SEO.


TY’s Bookstore will have the following milestones complete in the next six months.

6/1/202X – Finalize lease agreement for 2,000 square foot bookstore location.

6/15/202X – Begin build out of leased space.

6/30/201X – Finalize agreements with book distributors to schedule their upcoming product deliveries to the store.

7/1/202X – Thomas will meet with the web designer so they can get started developing

8/1/202X – Final walk through and approval of the built out bookstore.

8/15/202X – First shipment of store inventory arrives.

8/16/202X – Hire employees and begin training.

8/18/202X – Stocking and display of product inventory in anticipation of the Grand Opening.

9/1/202X – Grand Opening of TY’s Bookstore.