Bookstore Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Bookstore Management Team

TY’s Bookstore will be solely owned and operated by Thomas Young.

Thomas Young is a freelance author and fiction writer based in Portland, Oregon. After receiving a Master’s Degree in Literary Arts from The University of Oregon, Thomas spent the last ten years working at a local library and writing novels in his spare time. Thomas has two books that have been published and will continue to write as ideas generate in his mind.

Thomas’ passion has always been reading novels from every genre and discussing them with colleagues and friends. He has always wanted to run a Book Club and sell books as a profession. Now that Thomas has saved enough equity for a down payment on a small business loan, he is ready to make that dream a reality.

Thomas will manage the day-to-day aspects of the bookstore, as well as hire and train employees. He will also hire an assistant manager to manage the administrative portion of the Book Club. Thomas will also coordinate the bookstore events, such as the Book Club schedule, Author of the Month, and Book Signings where certain authors will be featured.