Real Estate Agent Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Real Estate Agent Management Team

Barbara Brooks, Real Estate Agent, is a graduate of UCLA and The Realty Academy in Woodland Hills, California. Her passion for real estate began when she was a teenager and she would watch the reality shows that showed the glamorous and luxurious life of a California luxury real estate agent. Barbara became focused while in college and she began learning under other California realtors. Barbara is well aware of the time, focus, and commitment it will take for her to achieve the luxury listings. She is more than capable of the tasks at hand and is willing to undergo the hustle required to make a name for herself in the real estate industry – especially in California.

Barbara will be the sole manager and operator of her business. Barbara has chosen to be contracted under Century 21, and will open her own office for her real estate operation. Barbara will be managing her office, network with clients and other industry professionals, and market herself exclusively for now. When her business is more established, Barbara will employ an office manager who will perform the daily administrative tasks that will be required.