Insurance Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Insurance Management Team

Best Protection Insurance Agency will be solely owned and operated by Chad Porter. He will bring two associates from his former insurance company to join him at the new agency; Jeanine Pardo, CFO and Shannon Watts, Claims Manager.

Chad Porter, Owner

Chad Porter is a respected and successful insurance agent in Dallas, Texas. He has spent the past twenty years as a licensed insurance professional and the past fifteen years as a Vice President of a large insurance firm in Dallas. Over the years he has amassed over $10 million in revenues for his company and acquired numerous clients and contacts. Chad has gained a reputation of being able to customize insurance products for their unique company and provide the most cost effective options available. Through his tenure, Chad has been able to identify insurance agency processes and procedures and have found ways to improve on them while still providing the best customer service.

Jeanine Pardo, Chief Financial Officer

Jeanine Pardo is a financial analysis guru. Once she graduated with her Master in Accountancy from Texas State, Jeanine obtained her CPA and has worked her way to the top at various insurance and financial firms. She has made an impressive career as CFO at a Dallas insurance agency and has consistently found new ways to cut costs and improve productivity. Her budgeting and forecasting ability has allowed the company to stay on track and make well-informed business decisions to maximize profitability. Best Protection Insurance Agency is destined to succeed with her at the head of the financial helm.

Shannon Watts, Claims Manager

Shannon Watts has been a Claims Manager for the past eight years at a Dallas insurance agency. She is a company favorite as she is diligent, organized, and aggressive with getting her clients’ claims pushed through from inception to completion. Many of Chad’s clients have consistently praised her and the company for making their stressful situation a seamless one as all they need to do is notify her of the situation and she handles it from there.