Barber Shop Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Barber Shop Customer Analysis

Demographic Profile of Target Market

Regal Men Barber Shop will target men of all ages in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The clientele will be men and boys from all walks of life. Maxwell has clients that are blue collar, lots of high school and college students, and corporate executives. The barber shop will be friendly and non-pretentious so whoever walks in feels comfortable and has a sense of belonging.

The precise demographics for Minneapolis, Minnesota are:

Total population870,340(X)
        Under 5 years63,2257.30%
        5 to 9 years59,6316.90%
        10 to 14 years58,0306.70%
        15 to 19 years54,3196.20%
        20 to 24 years61,9387.10%
        25 to 29 years77,3868.90%
        30 to 34 years69,4578.00%
        35 to 39 years61,8077.10%
        40 to 44 years50,4415.80%
        45 to 49 years48,9305.60%
        50 to 54 years48,4875.60%
        55 to 59 years55,7646.40%
        60 to 64 years48,8595.60%
        65 to 69 years37,5064.30%
        70 to 74 years30,0453.50%
        75 to 79 years19,0662.20%
        80 to 84 years9,9051.10%
        85 years and over15,5441.80%

Customer Segmentation

Regal Men Barber Shop will primarily target the following customer profiles:

  • Blue collar men
  • White collar men
  • Senior citizens
  • Men with sons who will be getting a haircut with their father
  • Male high school students
  • Male college students