Clothing Line Business Plan Template

Customer Analysis

Demographic Profile of Target Market

Posh Sophisticate will target the working professional female in the United States between the ages of 26 – 64. The women will work in an office setting and come from a variety of backgrounds. They can be at their first job right out of college or near retirement. They can be the administrative assistant who greets you when you first arrive at an office or they could be the CEO and President of a large company.

The precise demographics for the Posh Sophisticate Clothing Line are:

 TotalPercentFemaleFemale Percent
Total population327,167,439(X)166,049,288(X)
25 to 29 years23,320,7027.10%11,451,2256.90%
30 to 34 years22,023,9726.70%10,912,5206.60%
35 to 39 years21,571,3026.60%10,780,5186.50%
40 to 44 years19,927,1516.10%10,026,8906.00%
45 to 49 years20,733,4406.30%10,479,6466.30%
50 to 54 years20,871,8046.40%10,605,3086.40%
55 to 59 years21,624,5416.60%11,108,9926.70%
60 to 64 years20,662,8216.30%10,782,4106.50%
65 to 69 years17,107,2885.20%9,051,4075.50%
70 to 74 years13,464,0254.10%7,242,4784.40%
75 to 79 years9,378,5122.90%5,182,6973.10%
80 to 84 years6,169,4411.90%3,577,8792.20%
85 years and over6,303,8481.90%4,077,7552.50%

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Customer Segmentation

Posh Sophisticate will primarily target the following customer profiles:

  • Female consumers looking for the trendiest in latest fashion that is appropriate for work.
  • Young professionals in their 20’s or 30’s.
  • Professional women in their 40’s up to their early 60’s.
  • Women who regularly shop in large department stores such as Macy’s, Dillard’s, Bloomingdale’s or Nordstrom.