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Here Are Just Some of the Reasons
Entrepreneurs Love PlanBuildr

Simply Fill in the Blanks

We've created simple, fill-in-the-blank exercises that guide you through all the key questions your business plan must answer.

Just type your answers directly into PlanBuildr and you're done!

Robust Financials - Automatically
Calculated for you

Simply type in your numbers, like the number o your products or services you expect to sell, and your template automatically calculates your complete 5-year financial projections.

Proven to Work in your Industry

PlanBuildr has been used to quickly and easily create professional business plans in every industry- whether your business is a restaurant, spa, non-profit, software company, hotel or anything else!

Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

PlanBuildr takes you through our proven and proprietary process for creating an Operations Plan that will transform your business plan and ideas into reality.

Improve your Strategy

PlanBuildr helps you build a strategicially sound business.

It guides you through key questions about your company, marketing and operations strategies, and gives you tons of ideas for improvement.

Raise Money Faster

The content and format of PlanBuildr is tailored to the wants and needs of investors and lenders, so you raise more funding faster.

Download or Print Instantly

Your plan is immediately available for download or printing.

Whenever you want, you can simply click to print your plan, or download it to send to others.

Expert Customer Support

PlanBuildr offers expert customer support if/when you need it.

We also have an online support center with solutions to your most frequently asked questions.

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10 Gorgeous & Professional Designs

Choose from 10 professionally-designed business plan designs. Anyone who reads your
plans will be amazed by how professional it looks.

What Our Clients Say

Don't Just Take Our Word for It ... Read Why 100,000+ Real Customers Love PlanBuildr

“I love the ease in which PlanBuildr created my entire financial model for me.”

Daniel J.

“PlanBuildr was super easy to use, helpful and descriptive. Thanks!”

Leann C.

“Very easy to use and precise. I’ll definitely use PlanBuildr again in the future. An overall awesome site.”

Pamela G.

“PlanBuildr is like a wizard -- it's so easy to follow!”

Alex C.

“PlanBuildr provides guidance and a comprehensive walk-through of each section of the plan.”

Danielle S.

“PlanBuildr is very user friendly! It helped me easily create my business plan to open a franchise.”

Mason H.

“PlanBuildr helped me write a great business plan!”

Pamela S.

“PlanBuildr is a very useful tool to help build a business plan. It is laid out so well!”

Timothy R.

“PlanBuildr offers an easy and time efficient way for entrepreneurs to create their business plans. It guides you through everything you need to include.”

Karen A.

“PlanBuildr provides an easy way to create beautiful and thorough business plans.”

Natalie S.

“What I liked most about PlanBuildr is that the organization of the document far exceeded my expectations.”

Daniel L.

“PlanBuildr helped me figure out exactly what I needed to plan for with my business. Thanks!”

Abigail J.

“PlanBuildr provides a clear process to walk you through all the key parts of your business plan.”

Peter Y.

“PlanBuildr did most of the work for me!”

Jessica C.

“The easy to input sections make it easy to complete your business plan and focus on what's important.”

Jared S.

The Trusted Business Plan Solution

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