Staffing Agency Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Staffing Agency Management Team

Leading Talent Staffing Agency will be wholly owned by Dan and Karen Ford.

Dan Ford is a human resources industry leader in Virginia Beach, Virginia. After graduating from the University of North Carolina, Dan has worked at large Fortune 500 companies and was most recently the Human Resources Director overseeing hundreds of employees. Dan is regarded in the local community as an expert in his field and has made lots of industry connections.

Karen Ford is a Labor and Employment attorney in Virginia Beach. Her and her law firm have handled hundreds of employment claims and have earned settlements in the millions for her clients Karen’s expertise is labor and employment risk management and compliance.

Together, Dan and Karen’s expertise in their respective fields make them a prime partnership to have a successful staffing agency in Virginia Beach. With Dan’s contacts and knowledge of human resources, and Karen’s ability to navigate the issues and compliance, they will be able to manage the necessary tasks of creating opportunities for both the employers looking for staff as well as job seekers. Dan and Karen will be in charge of the high level tasks, such as networking, maintaining client relationships and satisfaction, marketing opportunities, and growth opportunities. They will employ a CFO to handle all the necessary financial, accounting, and tax obligations of the business. Dan and Karen will also hire two managers to manage the day to day tasks of each of their clients. The two managers will oversee the intake of the job seeker all the way to them finding a permanent job opportunity. Finally, an administrative assistant will be hired to manage all the administrative tasks of Leading Talent Staffing Agency.