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Company Overview

Who is Bluehorn Restaurant & Steakhouse?

Bluehorn Restaurant & Steakhouse is a new restaurant and steakhouse located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Bluehorn Restaurant & Steakhouse will serve a wide variety of dishes and beverages and will cater to the upper middle class to wealthier population of Oklahoma City. The menu of Bluehorn Restaurant & Steakhouse will include bistro-type dishes that are authentically created and crafted by acclaimed Chef Peter Logan. It will be located in the trendy part of town, known as the Plaza District. The Plaza District is one of Oklahoma’s trendy neighborhoods and is considered the “it” area for newlyweds, millennials, professionals, and young singles. The restaurant will be surrounded by classy art galleries, live theater, high-end restaurants and bars, and expensive shopping.

Owned by emerging restaurant operators Chef Peter Logan and Anastasia Gillette, Bluehorn Restaurant & Steakhouse will become Oklahoma City’s newest, trendiest restaurant for patrons to celebrate their next big event, have a nice date night, or gather with friends or family for a fun evening while dining over finely crafted entrees, desserts, and cocktails. Bluehorn Restaurant & Steakhouse is scheduled to open within the next six months.

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Bluehorn Restaurant & Steakhouse History

Bluehorn Restaurant & Steakhouse is owned by two Oklahoma City natives, Chef Peter Logan and Anastasia Gillette. They have both worked around the country in fine dining establishments and have a combined twenty years in the restaurant industry. Upon working alongside each other at another fine dining establishment in Oklahoma City, the two of them became good friends and decided to venture into owning their own restaurant.

Chef Peter is the kitchen guru and critically acclaimed chef, while Anastasia manages the front of the house and is a certified Sommelier. Together, with both of their expertise and knowledge, Bluehorn Restaurant & Steakhouse is destined to become Oklahoma City’s next big restaurant.

Since incorporation, Bluehorn Restaurant & Steakhouse has achieved the following milestones:

  • Developed the restaurant’s branding image, social media, and website.
  • Has a soft hold on a prime restaurant location in the Plaza District.
  • Met with the architect to begin the design of the restaurant.
  • Developed and finalized the menu of the food and drink, and alcohol selection.
  • Obtained a food permit license to be able to prepare and sell food and drinks in Oklahoma County.
  • Obtained a sales and use tax permit for use in Oklahoma County.

Bluehorn Restaurant & Steakhouse Products

The following are the types of menu items Bluehorn Restaurant & Steakhouse will serve:

  • Shareables
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Entrees
  • Steaks
  • Gourmet sides
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Spirits
  • Assorted non-alcoholic beverages