Record Label Business Plan Template

Marketing Plan

Brand & Value Proposition

Broadbase Records will offer the unique value proposition to its clientele:

  • Experienced team of music professionals that come with a long list of contacts and connections.
  • Focused and individualized attention to each client it signs.
  • Broadbase Records doesn’t need to knock on any doors. The doors are already open due to their reputation and industry knowledge.
  • They put their artists’ satisfaction before profitability.

Promotions Strategy

The promotions strategy for Broadbase Records is as follows:

Social Media

Broadbase Records will invest in advertising their record label on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter. By using targeted social media marketing, Broadbase Records will be able to reach the local music talent of Nashville.

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Music Venues & Networking

Marty and Sasha will frequent music venues around Nashville that hold amateur nights where local aspiring musicians get a chance to take the stage. By scoping out the talent, they will approach those musicians that they see potential in and let them know their record label might be interested in working with them. By networking around the local scene, people will also recommend Broadbase Records to their associates.

Website/SEO Marketing

Broadbase Records will invest in a strong SEO presence so that when someone enters “Nashville record label” or “record label near me” in their Google or Bing search bar, Broadbase Records is at the top of the list. Their website will list all of Marty and Sasha’s accomplishments with the clients they have worked with in the past to showcase all of their experience and ability to take musical artists to the next level.


The pricing of Broadbase Records will be moderate and on par with competitors so customers feel they receive value when purchasing their services.