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Company Overview

Who is Broadbase Records?

Broadbase Records is a startup record label located in Nashville, Tennessee. Broadbase Record’s mission is to sign and promote local aspiring musicians and talent to establish or further their career in the music industry. Based in Nashville, Broadbase Records will work with various country musicians because of the proximity to its local talent, but will also be open to working with various artists across a range of music genres. Broadbase Records will sign, promote album sales, and book their signed artists to various concerts and festivals around the country. Broadbase Records is made up of a team of seasoned music executives with decades of experience in the music industry. Owners Marty Cole and Sasha Gray have had immense success in the music industry working with other large record labels in the United States. They both have represented numerous Grammy award-winning musicians and have lifted their success due to their industry knowledge and relationships. Marty and Sasha have been wanting to begin their own record label so they can operate based on their own values and have the chance to sign emerging talent that would otherwise be overlooked by larger-scale record labels.

Broadbase Records History

Broadbase Records is owned by Marty Cole and Sasha Gray, both seasoned music executives that have worked for two major record labels in the United States. Through their tenure, Marty and Sasha have compiled numerous contacts and networks to further musicians’ careers and sustainability. Both Marty and Sasha have signed, promoted, and achieved success in the millions for various artists they have signed over the years.

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Recently, Marty and Sasha have found that there are not enough record labels that exist to promote untapped talent in the market. Through their extensive research, they have learned that hundreds and even thousands of musicians with promising potential are not receiving any attention because there are not enough record labels to give them the opportunity. Usually, record label companies concentrate on only a handful of clients in order to focus on their success, and it is very difficult to get a foot in the door. With Nashville being the country music capital of the world, Marty and Sasha found that thousands of aspiring artists and musicians flock to the city at the chance of one day being signed by a record label. There are just  not enough record labels in Nashville that can accommodate or even have the time and energy into seeking out new, fresh talent.

Since incorporation, Broadbase Records has achieved the following milestones:

  • Found office space for lease that is located in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Registered Broadbase Records, LLC to do business in the State of Tennessee.
  • Began networking with local music venues and recording studios in hopes of finding local talent.
  • Began the branding image, logo, website, and social media accounts for the record label.

Broadbase Records Services

The following will be the services Broadbase Records will provide:

  • Artist Recruitment & Development (A&R)
  • Record Contract
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Collecting & Distributing Royalties
  • Music Distribution
  • Licensing Deals