Liquor Store Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Liquor Store Management Team

Highball Liquor Store will be owned and operated by Owner, Joey Spaglio.

Joey Spaglio, Owner and Manager

Joey Spaglio is a retired United States Marine Master Sergeant that has completed his 20 years of military service and has recently relocated back to his hometown of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Joey always wanted to own his own business and after years of saving money he decided that a steady and reliable business is a liquor store, as it is something he has always been fond of. While serving in the Marines, Joey lived all over the United States and various places internationally during his 20-year service. From living in different parts of the world, he became knowledgeable about different types of beer, wine, and liquor. Joey decided that he wants to put his knowledge and passion into his own business while serving his hometown.