Gym Business Plan Template

Operations Plan

The following will be the operations plan for Steven’s Gym.

Operation Functions:

  • Steven Malone will be the sole owner and operator of Steven’s Gym. He will oversee the staff, maintain that the cleaning schedules are being enforced, and ensure that all equipment is working per standard and safely. He will also manage all ordering of new and replacement equipment, schedule the group HIIT classes, and daily management tasks.
  • Steven will hire a gym manager to be in charge of new member enrollments, place them on an automated payment schedule that will be automatically debited from their account, manage the books, and handle any member issues.
  • Steven will hire a team of three personal trainers to start off with to offer help and training to any member that requests it. Two of the personal trainers will take turns running the group HIIT class. As the membership grows and clients require more attention, more trainers and classes will be added.
  • Steven will hire a local CPA to manage all high level accounting functions, such as payroll and tax payments.
  • Steven will also hire an advertising agency to develop the gym’s branding, photography, website, social media accounts, and billboard design.


Steven’s Gym will have the following milestones completed in the next six months.

8/1/202X – Finalize contract to lease warehouse space.

8/15/202X – Begin build-out and design converting warehouse space into a functional gym.

9/1/202X – Hire advertising company to begin developing gym’s branding, logo, social media accounts, website, and billboard design.

9/15/202X – Order all gym equipment.

9/30/202X – Launch social media campaign and website. Billboards go up.

10/5/202X – Hire gym manager and team of personal trainers.

10/15/202X – Train staff on proper policies and procedures.

11/1/202X – Grand Opening of Steven’s Gym.