Event Venue Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Event Venue Operations Plan

Roses & Drapes will have the following operations plan.


Operation Functions:

  • Marcus Smith, Co-owner, will handle all business filings, accounting, tax payments, payroll, and permit and license obligations.
  • Janet Smith, Co-owners, will be the lead event planner and oversee the team of event planners. She will also manage decor inventory, guest relations, and the social media accounts. She will also oversee and manage the participation of the bridal and event trade shows.
  • Marcus & Janet will start off with a 3-person team of highly-qualified event planners that will report directly to Janet. They will be in charge of taking incoming client calls, visits, and handling all aspects of the event with a client they are assigned to. The event planners will be paid based on the number of events they schedule and the size/type of event they are in charge of.
  • A 3-4 person janitorial crew that will be in charge of all cleaning requirements.
  • Roses & Drapes will outsource all catering, pastry, bar, floral, and music requirements so they are paid directly by the client and will not be on Roses & Drapes payroll or management.


Roses & Drapes will have the following milestones complete in the next six months.

2/1/202X – Finalize lease agreement for event venue location

2/15/202X – Begin build out of leased space

3/1/202X – Begin marketing campaign for social media and participate in the bridal shows and festivals with “Coming Soon” advertisements

3/2/202X – Begin booking upcoming events

4/1/202X – Final walk through and approval of event venue

4/15/202X – Decorate and stock the event venue with tables, chairs, linens, etc.

5/1/202X – Grand Opening of Roses & Drapes Event Center (first event to be held at the event venue)