Event Venue Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Event Venue Customer Analysis

Demographic Profile of Target Market

Roses & Drapes Event Venue will be targeting customers in the Colorado Springs area. The list of customers will be small and large companies, and families in the area that require family events. They will be targeting young couples that plan on getting married, parents that need a baby shower venue, parents that are planning their teenager’s Sweet 16 party, older couples that are celebrating milestone anniversaries. A lot of their clients will overlap as some will be holding corporate events and will also require a family event, and vice versa.

The event venue will be located in an upscale area of Colorado Springs where the household incomes are higher than the rest of the city. A lot of corporate executives live in the area and enjoy the mountain views and wonderful sunsets in their backyard as well.

The precise demographics for Colorado Springs, Colorado are:

    Total population1,680,988100%
        20 to 24 years114,8726.8%
        25 to 34 years273,58816.3%
        35 to 44 years235,94614.0%
        45 to 54 years210,25612.5%
        55 to 59 years105,0576.2%
        60 to 64 years87,4845.2%
        65 to 74 years116,8787.0%
        75 to 84 years52,5243.1%

Customer Segmentation

Roses & Drapes will primarily target the following customer profiles:

  • Teenagers wanting a Sweet 16 Birthday Party
  • Young couples about to get married
  • Parents expecting a baby
  • Newly engaged females
  • Older couples needing an anniversary milestone celebration or planning a wedding for their son or daughter
  • Small companies that hold corporate gatherings and/or holiday celebrations
  • Medium and large companies that hold corporate gatherings and/or holiday celebrations
  • Local non-profit organizations that hold annual fundraiser galas and events